Spring and Fall Cleanup

Overwhelmed by leaves? Dead tree branches and twigs littering your lawn? Whether it's spring or fall, we'll get your property back into shape so you can enjoy a beautiful view without the work.

Regular cleanups and seasonal preparations are essential to a healthy and attractive lawn. The Lawn Barber offers a variety of options such as removal of winter debris, mulch refresh and plant bed maintenance. We will tailor your seasonal cleanup to meet your needs. Our attention to detail sets us apart and ensures your lawn is looking its best and prepared for next season's growth.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is a time-consuming chore. Lighten your load and let the experts at The Lawn Barber quickly and efficiently remove the leaves covering your lawn. Leaf removal is a must for a healthy lawn. They can form a barrier that will deprive grass of sunlight and trap moisture which creates fungus and rot.


Mulch isn't just for looks, it also adds nutrients to soil if a weed barrier is not desired. During the hot summer, it acts as a barrier between the sun and the soil, retaining moisture, and slowing water absorption. Mulch can help keep weeds at bay and add beauty to any landscaping.

Bush Pruning

Pruning is essential for any plant to thrive. Dead branches and blooms deplete nutrients and can literally suck the life out of plants. Keep your plants and trees healthy and looking their best by hiring our skilled professionals to complete this very important step in preparing your plants for the next season.