Bring freshness and beauty to your home with a nice outdoor space, perennial plantings, flower bed or other beautiful enhancement. A well-designed and maintained landscape adds value to your home and greatly increases curb appeal. Landscaping can also reduce a home's overall energy usage by placing trees and shrubs where they can provide shade and reduce cooling costs during hot summer months.

Our professionals have experience creating designs, choosing plants, building retaining walls, installing drainage systems and will work with you to produce results that fit your taste and budget.

Design and Installation

Do you have a vision? The Lawn Barber designers can make it come to life! Need a customized design? Using our experience and knowledge of landscape design and construction, we will create an outdoor environment that enhances your lifestyle and home value.

Large or small, we will be there from the beginning to the end of the project, providing the highest quality products and services.
Bush Pruning

Bush pruning is a very important component of yard maintenance and makes a difference in the overall appearance of your yard. Proper trimming with the right tools will promote growth and ensure your hedges are healthy.


Hardscaping is the non-living elements of landscape design, such as rocks, concrete, pavers, walkways and retaining walls. Hardscaping can improve the efficiency, flow and look of landscaping. For example, utilizing retaining walls and stone steps can help improve drainage and minimize water runoff. Our experts will ensure that the hardscape materials used all work together and complement your home's style.