Lawn Care

Get your weekends back! Let The Lawn Barber handle all of your lawn care needs.

At The Lawn Barber, our goal is to provide you with an excellent end product at a great value, each and every visit. Maintaining a beautiful lawn requires more than just effort, although effort is a critical factor. Utilizing the industry’s best equipment, maintaining that equipment to ensure consistent performance, monitoring weather events that could affect regularly scheduled services and training personnel on techniques required to achieve the desired results for each individual customer, are just some of the other factors we emphasize.

Lawn Mowing

Residential lawn mowing is how the business began. A handful of customers have turned into hundreds. We attribute our growth to the quality of service provided and our commitment to dependability. We often laugh with our customers that there are only three reasons that would cause us to be late for your scheduled lawn service; one of our team members had a medical emergency, a weather event is pending or already occurred, or we’ve had a mechanical issue we’re trying to fix.


Proper fertilization is essential to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn. Our experts will choose the right fertilizer to get the results you need and a fertilization schedule tailored to your type of grass and our climate. All lawns are not the same, so request a free lawn analysis today and you'll be on your way to a great looking lawn.


Aeration is an important component of any lawn care program and is recommended annually. Heavy rains, vehicle traffic, people and pets can increase lawn compaction. When this occurs, air, water and nutrients find it difficult to reach the roots of your grass diminishing the health of your lawn. Aeration immediately opens up the soil compaction so the grass can breathe and soak up all the nutrients it needs.


Get your lawn back in shape by over seeding annually. Seeding can fill in bare or damaged areas, thickening your lawn which also helps restrict new weed growth and simply improves the overall look of the lawn. It’s a basic step in creating a beautiful lawn.