An underground sprinkler system is a great way to conserve water while producing a beautiful, lush lawn. Eliminate the challenges of under and overwatering with a perfectly calibrated system that works with your lawn and landscaping.

We offer customized watering solutions for our customers. Our licensed and skilled technicians will evaluate your lawn to determine the ideal areas for placement and water flow requirements.

Full Sprinkler System Installation

We provide free consultations for installs, with a mapped plan of your lawn with proper head to head coverage.

Service Calls

Our technicians are skilled at performing any type of repair your irrigation system may need. Typical service calls include the repair of line breaks, head and valve replacements, lowering boxes and heads to prevent mower damage or simply changing nozzles to achieve a different spray pattern.

Backflow Preventer Testing

The Lawn Barber is trained and certified to test your irrigation backflow preventer, protecting your water supply. Successful test results are forwarded to the appropriate city or municipality on your behalf.


To minimize damage to your irrigation system from winter freezes, most systems need to have excess water removed from the water lines, valves and backflow preventer. We utilize a high volume, low-pressure compressor to achieve the proper results for our customers.